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Created by Mia Berrios, the Summer Youth Pilot Program targets high school aged youth interested in learning about the environment. Within the five week program, each week will focus on one overarching theme with activities incorporated into each session. Week one will focus on the introduction of environmental science and environmental justice and racism, and activities may involve a toxic tour of the community and an overview of PCR. Week two will focus on air, water, and soil, and related activities may include water, soil, and air testing. Week three will focus on conservation and restoration, and activities may include a trash pick-up session and an invasive species removal session. Week four will focus on clean energy, and a subset of the sessions will target careers youth can pursue with no degree, an associates degree, a bachelor's degree, and beyond. The final week will focus on advocacy training and representation in the movement, with activities related to plugging into PCR’s campaigns. The end goal of the program is to create a youth advisory board within PCR that allows youth to voice their concerns and opinions, as well as develop the necessary skills to be leaders.

Applications for the youth program are currently closed.