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Webinars and Toxic Tours


We are hosting our Community Resource Four-Part Webinar Series all of May. See details and click to register below.

Wednesday, May 10th, 6pm CT

Episode 1, A Virtual Toolkit Launch Party!: Join PCR as we give an overview of our community resources toolkit and what to expect in our webinar series!

Wednesday, May 17th, 6pm CT

Episode 2, Utility Assistance: Having trouble paying your light, gas or water bills? Come learn about programs that can help.

Wednesday, May 24th, 6pm CT

Episode 3, Going Green and Saving Green for Renters: The Citizens Utility Board will be joining us as we learn about programs to help you save money on utility bills while making your home more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Wednesday, May 31st, 6pm CT

Episode 4, Going Green and Saving Green for Homeowners: Learn about programs to help you save money on utility bills while making your home more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Toxic Tours

People for Community Recovery offers toxic tours of the Lake Calumet Industrial Area, located on the southeast side of Chicago. The Toxic Tours explore the surrounding landfills, industrial facilities, waterways, and the proximity of residential communities to this area. 

The late Hazel Johnson, the Mother of the Environmental Justice Movement labelled this area the "toxic doughnut," a name which gained widespread notoriety and shed light on the connection between industrial pollution and negative health outcomes in minority communities.

Click here to learn more and attend a toxic tour.

Knowledge Center

Ever since Hazel Johnson began her research in the 1970s, we've collected reports from researchers, graduate students, journalists and think tanks on Altgeld Gardens and environmental justice, as a resource for a more equitable and healthy community.

Community Resource Toolkit

Click here to view our community toolkit, filled with resources to help you pay your bills, receive energy and water assistance, switch to solar power, take measures toward your health and safety, learn how to read your bill, and more.

History and Hope

History and Hope is organized by the National Park Services in partnership with Freddie Batchelor and Beria Hamptom. This program targets high school aged students 14-years-old and older, and concentrates on environmental justice, trades, and skills that can be learned without a collegiate path. The goal for this program is to (re)introduce environmental sciences to the high school curriculum. Additionally, this program will later connect to ongoing projects related to the conservation of the C-Building.

Rebuilding Our Self Esteem for Success (R.O.S.E.S.)

R.O.S.E.S. is an older program reinstated by Kumba and Jamira O. that focuses on mentorship and workshops to build skills for participants aged 16 to 25 years old. The program seeks to assist youth in gearing their minds towards adulthood, help them figure out what a future may look like, and what other career options are available instead of the collegiate path. There are several workshop ideas currently in circulation. The first consists of an ‘Intro To Construction’ that teaches basic skills and safety necessary for construction careers. Another subset workshop will focus on Financing that teaches participants how to open a bank account and necessary budgeting skills. Other workshops will include skills needed for the customer service industry, how to prepare a resume and cover letter, the Q&As of interviews, and more. Additionally, the R.O.S.E.S. program seeks to bring in guest speakers, like barbers and small business owners so participants can see what those career opportunities look like and what skills they need to follow such paths.

One Summer Chicago

One Summer Chicago, in collaboration with Adella Bass-Lawson, offers employment and internship opportunities to participants aged 14 to 24. The application for the program is currently open, and Adella is working with the Metropolitan Family Services to recruit participants. The employment will be full time, with participants working 25 hours per week for six weeks.

Summer Youth Pilot Program

Created by Mia Berrios, the Summer Youth Pilot Program targets high school aged youth interested in learning about the environment. Within the five week program, each week will focus on one overarching theme with activities incorporated into each session. Week one will focus on the introduction of environmental science and environmental justice and racism, and activities may involve a toxic tour of the community and an overview of PCR. Week two will focus on air, water, and soil, and related activities may include water, soil, and air testing. Week three will focus on conservation and restoration, and activities may include a trash pick-up session and an invasive species removal session. Week four will focus on clean energy, and a subset of the sessions will target careers youth can pursue with no degree, an associates degree, a bachelor's degree, and beyond. The final week will focus on advocacy training and representation in the movement, with activities related to plugging into PCR’s campaigns. The end goal of the program is to create a youth advisory board within PCR that allows youth to voice their concerns and opinions, as well as develop the necessary skills to be leaders.

Click here to apply to join PCR's Summer Youth Program!

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