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Webinars and Toxic Tours

Toxic Tours

People for Community Recovery offers toxic tours of the Lake Calumet Industrial Area, located on the southeast side of Chicago. The Toxic Tours explore the surrounding landfills, industrial facilities, waterways, and the proximity of residential communities to this area. 

The late Hazel Johnson, the Mother of the Environmental Justice Movement labelled this area the "toxic doughnut," a name which gained widespread notoriety and shed light on the connection between industrial pollution and negative health outcomes in minority communities.

Click here to learn more and attend a toxic tour.

Knowledge Center

Ever since Hazel Johnson began her research in the 1970s, we've collected reports from researchers, graduate students, journalists and think tanks on Altgeld Gardens and environmental justice, as a resource for a more equitable and healthy community.

Community Resource Toolkit

Click here to view our community toolkit, filled with resources to help you pay your bills, receive energy and water assistance, switch to solar power, take measures toward your health and safety, learn how to read your bill, get help with housing and more.

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