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Health, Recovery, and Mutual Aid

Volunteers wearing healthy Chicago Equity Zone t-shirts

In Chicago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit our city’s black and brown communities the hardest. But we're working hard to bring resources and recovery to the far southside.

The pandemic illustrated that the harmful legacy of redlining in Chicago, unfortunately lives on, especially in environmental justice communities. Every reported risk factor for COVID-19 can be caused or worsened by environmental racism. From air pollution to poor housing stock, exposure of industrial chemicals to lack of access to healthy food, folks living in EJ communities are more at risk. The pandemic also showed us the importance of organizing and mutual aid as we came together to support each other in challenging times.

We work to address community health concerns by connecting folks to much needed resources including personal protective equipment, vaccines, referrals to resources, health related workshops, and a space to come together in community to process the emotional impacts of the pandemic.

Find information about the next vaccine drive on our events page, and learn how you can get involved by contacting our Health Equity Organizer, Adella Bass -

Solar on the Southside

Solar on the southside

We are working hard to make sure far south side residents don’t get left out of the clean energy economy!

We provide community education and technical assistance to help folks access key energy efficiency and solar programs, which make houses and apartments more affordable, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable.

PCR is also leading efforts to ensure public housing residents enjoy the benefits of solar. Our community-based campaign to get the Chicago Housing Authority to commit to investing in solar was a success! Now we are working to ensure CHA makes good on their commitment to build a solar array in Altgeld Gardens and other public housing communities across Chicago. 

These projects are a great opportunity to train and employ local residents in the process as well as to pass along savings benefits to communities through new programs and other amenities. Our team is working on implementation of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, new state legislation that will generate more funding for and expand access to clean energy programs. 

For more information please fill out this form and we will be in touch!

Fair Economic Development

Photo courtesy of CTA

Working toward community-driven reinvestment for the far southside.

With a number of development projects coming to our neighborhood including the CTA Redline Extension and riverfront revitalization projects, PCR is working to ensure these projects benefit community members rather than displace them - and that residents are involved in each step of the process- from participating in planning and visioning sessions to securing jobs constructing and maintaining new infrastructure. We’re organizing to leverage opportunities, including historic designation of Altgeld Gardens, the City of Chicago's budget priorities for environmental justice and the far southside, and the federal Justice 40 Initiative that will secure needed resources including access to fresh food, youth programming and jobs.

A New Vision for Altgeld Gardens

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In 2021, our community came together to stop the demolition of the Historic C Building in Altgeld Gardens. This initial win was a huge achievement, but we’re not stopping there. PCR is now leading community visioning efforts to engage and inspire residents around what we want to see in our neighborhood - things like a grocery store, clean energy job training, youth programming, outdoor recreation and more. Through these organizing efforts as well as connecting with public and private sector stakeholders, we’re making progress toward gaining community oversight of the historic C building and attracting resources for revitalization of the building and other abandoned commercial spaces in our neighborhood. To learn more, contact

Healthy and Affordable Housing for All


Everyone should have access to safe, healthy and affordable housing no matter where they live.

PCR works with the Chicago Housing Initiative to preserve Chicago’s existing public housing stock and expand public and affordable housing to all areas of the city. Further, we work to expand energy efficiency and building electrification in public and affordable housing. These measures improve indoor air quality, make homes more comfortable and reduce utility costs all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to help address the climate crisis. As state lead of the Illinois Energy Efficiency for All Coalition, we help guide policy and implementation to hold utility companies, elected officials and businesses accountable to equitably expanding energy efficiency and building decarbonization for low-income residents.

If you're interested in knowing more about your rights as a tenants, or learning more about programs that can help save you money and save the planet- check out our Community and Neighborhood Aid page.

Hazel Johnson EJ Legacy

Hazel Johnson presentation

Rep. Bobby Rush introduced legislation to honor the work of Hazel Johnson and uplift her legacy. Such recognition can help highlight environmental justice struggles happening across the U.S. today and create more opportunities to hold polluters accountable to their community impacts.

Call your congressional representative today and urge them to co-sponsor the following legislation:

H.Res. 79 designates the month of April each year as Hazel M. Johnson Environmental Justice Month

H.R. 673 directs the Postmaster General to issue a commemorative postage stamp in honor of Ms. Johnson.

H.R. 674, the Hazel M. Johnson Congressional Gold Medal Act, would posthumously present Ms. Johnson with a Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of her achievements and contributions to the environmental justice movement.

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